The ESG Committee is responsible for overseeing the integration of ESG issues at Clearbell. The group consists of senior individuals across the business representing various corporate and property specific disciplines. Dominic Moore, Head of Asset Management is responsible for the RPI strategy. Further information about the governance structure and purpose is detailed here.

Clearbell ESG Committee purpose and remit:

  • Review and update RPI policy every 2 years
  • Set RPI objectives and organisational level targets
  • Publish a roadmap of objectives and oversee implementation (internal use only)
  • At a minimum meet quarterly to review the implementation of the RPI objectives and to prioritise actions.
  • Monitor emerging industry trends and best practice.
  • Ensure accurate reporting and disclosure of the RPI performance and communication of the RPI strategy to key stakeholders

Our RPI Strategy has been approved and endorsed by all Clearbell Partners.

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